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Individual Application
  1. Please upload your video into google/dropbox/any other file sharing platform.
  2. Create a shareable link to view the file.
  3. Please make sure that the link you shared is viewable without needing to login to any of those file sharing websites. 
  4. Copy and paste the link to the box given below.

If under 18, upload the completed consent form filled by your parent/guardian. To download the form, please click here

If chosen to be the Voice of Youth I agree to the terms and conditions set out below.

  1. I will contribute a minimum hours (Answered in the question no 5) on the activities listed below;


    • Attending schools, colleges, universities and other youth oriented organizations, by invitation or by request and speaking and listening to those attending.
    • Attending conferences, media events, parliamentary and other enquiries and any other organization whose purposes are consistent with youth interests, by invitation or request and speaking and listening to those attending.
    • Travelling to any of the above.
    • Responding to correspondence, social media, phone requests etc.
    • Attending meetings of the Voice of Youth organizing committee or any person appointed by the committee when requested to do so.


  1. Payment of the cash prize will be made monthly with twelve equal payments.


  1. I will provide a list of proposed expenses which must be approved by the treasurer of  The Voice of Youth organizing committee before I spend any money which I intend to claim from the expenses budget.


  1. If I am under 18 years of age I will submit a signed statement from a parent or guardian authorizing me to accept the role, functions and duties of the Voice of Youth for a twelve month period.


  1. I will be always conform to social norms, manner of dress and proper behaviour expected of a public figure and I understand that breaches may lead to termination of this agreement, the withholding of any further payments and my dismissal as The Voice of Youth. The VOYA organizing committee will be the final authority on deciding whether a breach has occurred, and this clause will apply.


  1. I understand that any public comments I make will be my own personal views and not those of the VOYA organization unless I am authorised to speak on behalf of the organization in which case I will make this clear to those listening.


  1. I will be responsible for any legal actions such as for libel or slander which result from any statements I make, which are not authorised by VOYA, and I will not hold VOYA responsible or seek to claim damages or costs as a result.

I also understand that the organizing committee reserves the right to defer making an award to the following year if no suitable applicant applies. The committee will make any decision regarding applicant suitability.